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repair of a front stone archway

Written by: René Todoroff

I am the owner of Buildstrong Masonry, with over 20 years of experience and I built this website and create posts with helpful information.

April 13, 2020

Some helpful tips to keep your stone lasting long and looking the best

The winters can be brutal here in Canada, as we all know, and they do damage to pretty much anything man-made over time. There are ways to keep your natural stone looking the best it can for the longest it can.

flagstone walkway
flagstone walkway repair
flagstone walkway
flagstone walk complete

Keep it clean

Constantly clearing your stone of snow and ice is a huge help, probably the biggest. In doing so, the dreaded freeze-thaw cycle won’t do nearly as much damage as it is capable of. It can be work, but it’s worth it to safeguard your stone. Keep it clear of snow and a huge note on this is to be careful with the edges of the shovel. Be gentle as you shovel it, because stone can be uneven and rise a bit above the joints connecting them, so you don’t want to chip a piece with the shovel. Also try to avoid using salt. Salt is terrible in pretty much every way except that it gets rid of ice. It’s messy, stains, destroys and otherwise isn’t good for the environment. I would recommend using a higher quality solution, sand or even kitty litter works just as good if not better than salt!

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