Brick Repair

We remove damaged bricks and replace them with the closest matching bricks available


We colour match the new mortar to the original colour and style on your house, so it’s nearly invisible


We fully prepare your foundation and apply a uniform layer of fresh parging with a sponge finish


We rebuild and repair your chimney to match the original brick and mortar style of your home

We also do historic restoration, stone, concrete and more!

before bricks replaced

Brick Repairs, Chimneys & More

Brick Replacement

We source out the closest matching brick to the one on your home, then we cut out the damaged bricks, careful to only remove the ones that are damaged, and install the fresh bricks with the correct mortar

Resizing Windows & Doors

If you’re looking to expand a window or door, brick one up, etc – we will source the closest matching bricks to the house, even if it’s double-brick and install a steel lintel by code to support the wall. Finally we will install fresh mortar to match the existing colour and style

Tuckpointing Bricks or Stone

We will inspect the wall and grind out the cracked or damaged mortar joints, careful not to damage the bricks, and install fresh mortar to match the original style and colour of the wall – this work is very labour intensive and tedious, due to the removing of the mortar


We source the closest matching to your home. We then remove the entire chimney down to the roof line (where the flashing is) and rebuild it to the original height. We also install a concrete cap with a drip edge to protect the chimney in the long run

new stone walkway

Parging, Stone Work & More


We will fully prepare the wall by removing loose pieces of old parging, fill any gaps that need it and clean it.
We then install a uniform coat of parging across the wall and give it a sponge finish

Stone Walkway Repair

We will carefully lift up the damaged stones, remove the mortar under it, install fresh mortar and reinstall the stone so it is flush with the surrounding area. If the stone is cracked or broken, we can source it and replace it with a fresh piece with the correct mortar

Stone Veneer Repair

We will gently remove the damaged pieces of stone and if required, install new ones. This work is tricky because veneer should have a wire mesh behind it helping it bond to the wall, so removing them takes care and skill

Stone Installation

We will come out and measure the area, whether it’s a walkway, steps, porch or wall, and discuss with you which stone you’d like to go with – we can recommend our favourites. Then we will install them over concrete or on fresh HPB with polymeric sand, the latter is much easier to maintain

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