Our Portfolio

Most of our projects are on homes in the GTA

Exposed Brick Wall Project

We removed about half of the mortar joints on this wall – every one of them that was broken or cracked was removed and replaced with fresh mortar. The darker mortar is fresh and will lighten as it cures and blend in nicely. This was very tedious, but it turned out gorgeous!

Parging Project in Parkdale

We had to first remove the paint from the wall and loose pieces of old parging, which made some areas quite deep, so we built them out with layers of parging until it was all even. Finished it with a sponge finish and it turned out nice

Parging Along Interlock Project

First you remove the interlock carefully, then you can parge the wall. Then put the interlock back in place. It’s basically never going to fit in the exact space it was removed from, so you may need to trim a piece so it goes back nicely. Then finish up the parging and clean it up nicely

The rebuild of a brick porch in 4 steps

Stone Walkway Project in the Annex

This one was a lot of work – first we removed every stone on the walkway because they were sinking and causing huge puddles. We then dug down and installed several inches of HPB and installed the stones back again. We finished it off by installing polymeric sand in between the pieces

Grind & Point Caulking Repair

Here’s a first person point of view of how it works to remove a DIY project that a homeowner did in an emergency. They had installed caulking all over this wall, which is not the correct solution. We had to remove all the caulking with a grinder, clean the area and then install fresh mortar