Sorauren Ave Parging Project
We had to remove quite a bit of the original parging attempt that was done ages ago and failing. There was also some paint that we had to grind off to get the surface ready to parge. We had to make certain areas much thicker and build it out to make the whole wall uniform and the same depth - and then of course giving it a nice sponge finish - and your new foundation wall is good to go for the rain and winter!

Flagstone Walkway Rebuild in Toronto
The existing flagstone walkway was poorly installed and they had moved a lot, causing sinking stones and a hazard to walk on. The client said that when it rains, there's a small lake in the middle of it!
We removed every stone, dug down about 4-5" and installed HPB (High Performance Bedding) - a better alternative to limestone screening. Then we put the walkway back together like a giant jigsaw puzzle and finally installed polymeric sand, to bind the stones together and give it stability as well as promote water penetration so it doesn't puddle - turned out really nice!

Indoor parging project in Toronto
We removed the old cracked and poor parging and whatever else was covering this wall, then applied a healthy coat of parge. We took time to fill the deeper areas first and then applied a uniform coat to the entire section of the wall. Finished it off with a nice horizontal sponge finish so if they decide to paint it later, it will look good.


Brick pillar repair on front of Toronto home
There used to be a deck across the front of the house, so there were mismatched gray bricks exposed when the home owner decided to remove the deck. I came by to remove those unsightly bricks and install a close matching brick to the home. I had to be careful to match the mortar colour and style to the existing style of the home. The new bricks will stand out because they're clean, but they will weather and in time will blend in much better.

Pillar complete grind & repoint project
We removed every joint on the entire pillar at the front of this home on Runnymede Rd in the Bloor West Village and installed fresh mortar into every joint. Makes it solid and sealed up tight, plus it gives it a uniform colour, so if you have an area of your home that has different colours of mortar, it's probably been repaired at different times and the colour wasn't matched. This can be a solution to that.


Parging along front steps of house
Some of the bricks were beginning to flake and spall next to the steps due to snow and ice buildup in this area. I performed a custom step up on the wall along the steps, to maintain the look of the steps and protecting the wall from future damage.
These kind of jobs are very unique to each home and they turn out looking much better than a large block of parging next to steps.

Lower brick replacement
Bricks get damaged quickly when they're in areas like this, from rain, snow, ice, salt etc.
Removing them very carefully so nothing else gets damaged can be tricky, while installing a close matching brick and tuckpointing the area to match the style on the rest of the house.


Brick porch wall rebuild:

Previous repair cleaned and fixed up:


Side of a house parged:

Badly damaged bricks replaced with new ones: