Brick Repair

Effects of Freezing on Masonry

Our harsh winters can destroy bricks by the constant abuse of ice and water on the wall. When the water freezes into ice, it expands and does damage to the mortar joints and the bricks, often knocking the face of the brick loose. Over time, bricks become more suspectible to further deterioration quickly, which will affect the integrity of the structure.

Brick work is the most common work that we do and our years of experience have enabled us to match brick types and styles and mortar colours as close as possible.

Repairing Damaged Bricks and Mortar

The solution to fixing these damaged bricks is to cut the mortar around them and remove the brick or bricks by smashing them out with a hammer and chisel or small brick chipper.

We take care to source the closest matching brick to blend into the wall. We also take time to colour the new mortar to blend in.

Brick Repair Before Brick Repair After
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