Masonry Repair Videos

Porch Pillar Rebuild in Parkdale

The original pillar was leaning and clearly unstable. We supported the porch, removed the pillar completely, installed a block foundation and then rebuilt the pillar with a great matching brick and reinstalled the top stone piece. Looks good as new!

Exposed Brick Wall on Bloor Street West

We painstakingly restored an exposed brick wall by sanding off every brick. We then tuckpointed any major gaps and cracks. Finally, we sealed it with 2 coats of a premium interior water-based seal that gives it a natural look.

Flagstone Walkway in the Annex

This one was a lot of work to remove all the stones, dig down, install HPB, then reinstall the stone and finally install polymeric sand in between the stones

Replaced Bricks at Base of Chimney

Brick repair project in Pickering from a few seasons ago. The home owner had a bunch of the original bricks from the house left over, so the match was perfect – you can even see how clean they are compared to the weathered ones around them. The stain was cleaned afterwards.

Exposed Brick Wall in East York

This time, we’re repairing in high detail, every crack or broken mortar joint on this exposed brick wall in this house under renovation. It’s very tedious and takes time and care, but we got it done to the client’s satisfaction.

Parging in Scarborough

First we removed the interlock going along the wall, then we prepared and parged the wall. Then we reinstalled the interlock in place and cleaned it all up nicely

Indoor Sanding & Parging in Toronto

This one was dusty – we used a special grinder to remove anything loose and clean the wall. We then applied a healthy coat of parging to seal it up nicely with a sponge finish so if they decide to paint it, it will look good

Parging project in Parkdale

We had to remove the old parging, grind off some paint and prepare the area. This older home on Sorauren Avenue had been parged and repaired so many times in the past that we had to apply the parging properly to make it all flush.

Removing caulking & tuckpointing

Sometimes in a pinch, mortar joints get caulked. This is incorrect and it makes it much more difficult to complete the correct repair, but we can still get it done nice and clean.

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