Masonry Repair Photos

Rebuilt the side of a brick porch

We completely removed every brick on the side of this porch, because they were all in terrible shape, and replaced them with a great matching brick with matching mortar and tied it into the existing porch nicely on all sides

Bricks and mortar repaired on a house downtown Toronto

This 100+ year old home in downtown Toronto needed some cosmetic work on the front. It had been abused by the weather for a while and was going to start causing interior problems, so we replaced all the seriously damaged bricks with a good match, replaced most of the mortar joints below the front window and it turned out great

Parging the side of a home in East York

This home in East York has a long driveway going the length of the house where snow and ice can do damage. Not to mention that the house is brick all the way down, so we parged and protected the bricks before they got damaged further – a great example of foresight and how maintenance saves money and time in the long run.

Brick pillar rebuild

This pillar had been hit by a car and was left in a pile for a while. The homeowners said they were having a hard time getting a reliable contractor to repair it for a reasonable price. They hired us and we had it rebuilt using mostly the same bricks, good as new, and they said we helped restore their faith in contractors in the future

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Double doors at the back of the house

This home in the Beaches & East York area was being completely renovated on the inside and out. We are proud to have contributed to the upgrades by expanding the smaller window and doorway into a centered double doorway, using the same bricks and even matching the soldier course style above the doorway as you can see.

Window bricked in using matching bricks

A quick window brick up that we did in North York to help keep that room warmer. They had this small window opening for years and finally pulled the trigger to brick it up. We even installed insulation behind the bricks that they supplied for us to help save on heating & cooling costs

Thorough tuckpointing project on Dupont Street

On a store front on Dupont Street, we installed 1 missing brick – see if you can find it – and installed new mortar on the entire top section of the wall where it was needed. This one had to be done quick because of the street it’s on and the age of the building required us to match the mortar as accurate as possible

Chimney rebuild on back of building on Yonge Street

This is a chimney rebuild we completed on the back of a couple restaurants on Yonge Street in North York. The stairs in front of and next to the chimney required some mighty creative scaffolding set up. We also returned to replace the bricks on the window sills to the right of the chimney and did it all without affecting the restaurant.

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