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Let’s Get Started With Some Photos of Your Project

Try to stand about 10 feet away from the area of concern and keep it as centred as possible, so that we can see the damaged area and any work in the immediate area around it.
Zooming in on photos doesn’t help, because we need to be able to see the access to the area and see the full scope of the area.

Any photo you can provide will help, but these are tips to help get the best photo to expedite the process

If it’s really high up like a chimney, you can take some non zoomed photos from as far back as possible to get the majority of the chimney in the photo. Also take some zoomed in photos as you wish of the chimney so we can see how much work is required.

Some projects are difficult to see from some photos, so we will contact you and if we can’t tell from the photos, we will schedule an estimate and come by and go over it in detail with you.

Toronto brick repair
before of a brick repair above doors