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Tuckpointing and  brick replacement

Bricks chipping or breaking away? Cracks in the wall allowing water or critters to get in?
We remove the damaged bricks and install new ones. We also repair the mortar cracks in your home to keep water out, improve the durability and integrity of your home and save you money on your heating and air conditioning bills. These are common problems that occur on homes in Toronto and are usually straightforward to repair.


Chimney repairs

Bricks flaking off your wall or chimney? Bricks damaged or weathered on your home?
We inspect the chimney cap, flue tiles and make sure the animal screen is undamaged to keep raccoons out of your chimney. It is essential to keep your chimney sound and your home safe.


Foundation parging and stone repairs

Cracks in your foundation wall? Flagstone or porch cracking and/or moving?
Removing the loose mortar along the foundation and applying a fresh, thick and uniform coating to your wall will keep it safe and sound for the long haul. Lifting up loose or moved stones and re-setting them on a fresh bed of mortar, replacing cracked stones and repairing cracked joints will keep the elements from doing further damage.



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